Sorting Through Information On different Mattresses To find The Best One

This time of year brings big sales on mattresses, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But, no sale is a good one if a person purchases a mattress that is not the right one for them and they are stuck with it for years. Why not do a little online research before mattress shopping to avoid expensive and uncomfortable mistakes? Purchasing a new mattress should mean better, more comfortable sleep at a reasonable price.

Get The Information On Mattresses

There are many mattress choices in today’s market. Before shopping, find out about each construction type. Find out about the popular mattress materials. New technology leads to better products with different characteristics. So, the mattress types available in today’s market include traditional innerspring mattresses, memory foam, latex, air mattresses, and water beds.

  • Memory foam mattresses are consistently given high ratings by customers. But, some companies make better mattresses than others. The Tempur-Pedic Contour series is the most expensive memory foam brand and has consistently high quality. Other superior memory foam mattress brands for less money include Perfect Cloud and Sleep Innovations. The best-rated mattress brands are Amerisleep AS3, Nectar Sleep, Loom & Leaf, The Bear Mattress, and The Leesa Mattress.
  • Innerspring Mattresses continue to be the most common and popular mattresses around the world. But, the reviews are less favorable than foam mattresses. The innerspring mattresses that combine this traditional construction with the new foam are the best. Top picks include the Saatva Mattress, the Helix Mattress, the WinkBed Mattress, The Serta Tomorrow Sleep mattress, Simmons, and Sleep Master.
  • Natural Latex Mattresses come in third place for materials and construction. But, 100% natural latex mattresses get high ratings. Synthetic latex not so much. The top brands include Zenhaven by Saatva, the Spindle Mattress, and Plushbeds Botanical Bliss.
  • Airbeds have the advantage of adjustable pressure for firmer or softer comfort levels. The top picks are Personal comfort A8, Innomax Luxury Support Medallion, and the Personal Comfort A5. Each brand uses different air chamber designs, bladder materials, and air pumps. And, they use different toppers such as memory foam, latex, and firm quilted tops.
  • Finally, there are water beds and gel-based mattresses to consider. These mattresses make up a small part of the mattress market. The better ones are affordable, durable, and hypoallergenic. The best-rated brands are American National, Strobel Technologies, and Comfort Craft.

To find out more, go to the mattress-guide website.